The Inner Growth Box was created with the intentions of working with your energy to express and trust all aspects of yourself by experiencing a deepening level of self-love and acceptance. The kit comes with instructions for your waist beads tying ritual and instructions for your crystals, sage and palo santo.


Inside the Inner Growth Goddess Box


Tie-on Waist Beads

  • All are 45 inches. Tie and adjust to your size.



  • Clear Quartz ​- Aura Cleansing & Energy Amplifying

  • Rose Quartz- Love and Self Love

  • Amethyst- Spiritual Awareness and Creativity


Sage & Palo Santo

  • Organic Sage- Cleanse Energy

  • Palo Santo- Restore Creativity, Love, and Good Fortune 


  • Guide on How to use your Kit.

  • Ready to Ship next day!

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